Holistic services

Boutique Ubuntu is proud to give space to holistic services offered by Kim Agudelo: 

Discover with Kim how to interpret messages from the Universe and how to integrate them into your life.

Tarot & Oracle Guidance 

The Tarot cards, through its images and symbols, serve as a guidance or meditation tool, allowing us to reconnect with our subconscious. Kim will guide you using the Tarot and Oracle cards to answer your questions, provide you insights so that you can find peace, mental and spiritual clarity.

What is Magnetism?

Magnetism is an alternative healing therapy by hand impositions that helps to raise the vitality within the body and decreases physical pain. It also helps to realign your energetic centers (chakras) and to create harmony. 

This holistic therapy will help you decongest your energetic fluid by synchronizing the frequency of our heart and brain. 

Non-exhaustive list of pathologies that can be treated with Magnetism:

How to book?

For 1 Hour Tarot & Oracle Guidance : book your appointment here 

For Magnetism healing and any other request, send Kim a DM on Instagram @kim.agud or email us at boutique.ubuntu@gmail.com