Mission & Values


Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of our community through our exclusive creations and future initiatives.
We are proud to present you unique products that are handmade here in Montreal, with imported fabric from all over the world. On top of adding a touch of style to your outfit, your purchase allows us to help a social cause in which you have the opportunity to participate.
 We have chosen values that we consider to be very important to us and we hope that you feel identified through them or at least be inspired by them.

COMPASSION, one of the most fundamental values that makes us aware of the sufferings of others. It is through compassion that we will succeed in making this World a better place. By putting ourselves in other people's shoes and helping anyone to the best of our knowledge and ability. By raising the weakest, comforting the sad and understanding the hurt.

GRATITUDE because it is important to show constant appreciation for life, the people around us and the opportunities we encounter ; privileges that we often take for granted. Obstacles and difficult times are also opportunities that allow us to grow and learn to be the best version of ourselves, with love and acceptance.


INTENTION. We have barely started one task that we are already thinking about the next one. Being stuck in a fast paced lifestyle, it seems difficult to juggle responsibilities, social life and family.We therefore want to remid you of the importance of taking your time, slowing down. Listen to yourself and reconnect. Do everything with a conscious presence, but above all with a good and pure intention.